Tilly Tattle (Tillydrone)

Tilly Tattle is your magazine and has the potential to be a real voice within the community.

The magazine exists to offer a platform for members of our area to report on news, views, issues and events that are taking place in the heart of our community every day. 

The magazine is put together by volunteer local residents from the area that forms the main editorial team behind each issue of the magazine.

Staff from shmuPRESS and shmuDESIGN assists the editorial teams in pulling together the magazine content, designing and getting the magazines to the printer.  shmuPRESS also organises the distribution of the magazines in the Middlefield area.

We are really keen that people of all ages get involved in the magazine.  If you are interested in helping to give a voice to your community then you might want to attend one of our editorial meetings, assisting us in gathering articles, news, images and information for future magazines.

Alternatively, you may want to let the editorial team know about a story that is important to you, or something you feel is worthy of greater publicity, if so you can contact us on the details below.

To get in touch please contact Rose Ross at shmu - DD: 01224 515 013 or E: rose.ross@shmu.org.uk