We are Recruiting!

We are looking for a Community Development Manager to join our team at shmu!

We are looking for an exceptional, innovative, community minded individual to join our team as our Community Development Manager; a pivotal leadership role within our organisation that will play a key role in supporting our programmes to re-energise our communities across the North East.

Our Community Development Manager, supported by the Scottish Government’s Investing in Communities Fund, will play a key role within the organisation, working alongside the Chief Executive to design, manage and coordinate all strategic and operational aspects of all community engagement and outreach services across the organisation.

Through our community media outlets, we provide unparalleled access to community media opportunities, training and support for our volunteers, based primarily in the regeneration areas of Aberdeen. Collectively, our platforms provide opportunities for underrepresented voices to be heard, while developing a range of new skills. The initiative creates an engaging and inclusive process for community members to produce content which accurately reflects their lives, share information with other residents, while holding those in power to account.

Our projects combine to create a wide range of benefits for individuals and communities, fostering a spirit of engagement and partnership working, developing transferrable skills in participants and contributing towards increased social capital.

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