AiR Volunteer shares their story

I would advise anyone able to attend the training/volunteer at shmu to get involved NOW!!

I had heard of shmu through Aberdeen in Recovery media group, regarding their show, Recovery on AiR, although at the time this was not being produced.  Having suffered addiction issues, coupled with many poor choices, I struggled with everyday life.  Through attending AiR, I rapidly improved, and continue to do so.

Now a Senior Activist with AiR, and regular contributor to the media group, magazine and social media, I was selected to undergo training at shmu for relaunching the Recovery on AiR radio show.

Part of my training included shadowing an FM volunteer on one of his shows, then due to his holidays, I was offered the chance to cover some of his shows for a few weeks.  I thoroughly enjoyed this.  At the end of August 2019, Recovery on AiR went live, and we broadcast and produce a show every Thursday, airing at 2pm.

Most of my life I have also suffered from anxiety and depression.  Last year, when I started recovery, my anxiety got so bad I struggled to talk one on one, couldn't talk in groups and was unable to use the telephone.  Through my work within groups at AiR, then with support from peers, encouraging me to try the radio, things have changed.  My confidence is returning, and I can not only talk in groups, but now I facilitate them.  I know without any doubt in my mind, that my experience with and presenting at Shmu has helped me.

I will continue with the Recovery on AiR show every week.  Hopefully in the future I will help out with, or present other shows too.  shmu has been a very welcoming and friendly environment, with the staff helping individuals get the best out of themselves.  

I would advise anyone able to attend the training/volunteer at shmu to get involved NOW!!  Whether it is to help out every now and then, or to commit to running/presenting shows and volunteering, it really is worth it.  As to my own recovery and development, not only do I notice it, but my friends/family/peers have all seen the improvement.