Angela's Volunteering Story

I've been in the habit of using an app on my mobile to record interviews anyway - the quality is great nowadays - so, even tho I'm a bit of a technophobe, I was able to move to recording most of show from my bedroom, with lots of support from shmu staff, and my teenage daughter here at home.

Actually both she and I are volunteers at shmuFM, we both present shows, and are so happy and proud to be able to contribute during lock-down. I've always recognised the valuable role that shmu has always had in supporting communities all over Aberdeen - as well as providing the most varied, high quality shows around. Now, more than ever, I know that people like me, and my daughter, supported and expertly facilitated by shmu staff, can help get both essential information on COVID19 and some fun, entertaining shows, out to a public which is in need of both at this difficult time. It's also extremely therapeutic for me, and is making me really happy to be part of this great community initiative.