Dave Whites Volunteering Story

Dave White here - having been a volunteer at SHMU for a number of years it has been a pleasure to be involved in a number things which I enjoy.

The Early Morning Wake-Up Call on a Sunday Morning  9-11am has been on the go for a few years now.  At present because of this virus shmu is in lockdown but only the building as the staff and volunteers are keeping things going on FM and other ways which I think is important to help our communities , with the help from some of the staff getting me through the computing side of things I can still do the Musical Memories Show (previously known as Memory Lane ). This is a show which was started to include the older generation in our areas onto the radio, particularly those in care homes, sheltered accommodation and day centres. It is based on requests each week via a contact to collect requests and forward them on. We try to have a different home each week and a visit to take part in the show is always welcome. We usually have some residents and staff in every Tuesday afternoon for a chat on air and a bit of a dance. The show is still going on, and although we can't dance in the studio, I am still getting the requests in and the residents are still part of it. We can also include requests from their loved ones, something even more important at this time of isolation. Tune in on 99.8fm Tuesday 2pm - 3pm to listen or online at http://www.shmu.org.uk/fm/listen and send any requests in to your loved ones email us at tellus@shmu.org,uk